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“Making a change in companion animal welfare.”
The PPBCC Foundation aims to create a positive coexistence between humans and companion animals.


We envision the Philippines to be a rabies-free and stray-free country.



As the population of stray cats and dogs continues to grow in the country, so does the risk for rabies. Rabies is a highly fatal but preventable disease that affects the central nervous system of infected humans and non-human mammals.


While vaccinations are effective in preventing rabies, PPBCC believes that getting to the root of the issue will stop the spread of rabies once and for all. By promoting spay and neuter (kapon) and making it more accessible and affordable to local communities and barangays, we can manage the population of stray animals, thereby gradually eliminating rabies.


In our many years of working in animal care, we have become exposed to the cruelty and abuse that homeless animals experience in their everyday lives. Because of this unfortunate reality, we felt a strong desire to also make it our mission to prevent more animals from being born into a life of misery and difficulty. We consider kapon as the most humane way to address this issue and we take action on a massive scale to move our cause forward.


It goes without saying that animals are at the heart of PPBCC’s work. With compassion and kindness, we build a culture that is more understanding toward the plight of cats and dogs in the country.


Join us in our advocacy in making the Philippines rabies-free and stray-free, and in making a change in companion animal welfare.

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