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cat colony care & protect program


The Cat Colony Care & Protect Program (CCCPP) is a TNVR program designed to control the population growth of our street cats. The program aims to build a caring society that would look after spayed/neutered and vaccinated street cats once they are released back to their respective communities.

We focus our efforts in capturing cats that are not able to find forever homes. Though we wish that all animals could have their own families, PPBCC also recognizes the importance of cats in the community. We aim to foster a caring environment in our communities where cats could roam freely in safety and without fear.

Image by Rock Vincent Guitard


Did you know? A pair of cats can produce about 400,000 kittens in just 7 years! And under all health circumstances and as early as four months old, a cat is already capable of reproducing.

This is why it is simply impossible to eradicate rabies and prevent animal abuse, neglect, and abandonment without controlling the animal population.


Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return, through our CCCPP program, is one of the most efficient, effective, and humane ways of controlling the stray cat population. We at PPBCC believe that through this continuous effort we are making an impact.


Donating to our TNVR Fund helps us obtain enclosures and vaccines, provide feeding stations, and continue to do low-cost kapon procedures. For every cat that we spay and neuter, we are saving hundreds more.


Without your support, it will be impossible for us to sustain this vital project. If you are tired of seeing abused and abandoned cats, please help us by donating.


Your ₱100.00 ($2) donation every week could make a lifetime of difference for the cats of the Philippines.

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