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core values


PPBCC is committed to its mission in creating a positive coexistence between humans and companion animals. Driven by an understanding of the difficult conditions that stray cats and dogs face day in and day out and a desire to give them better lives, our team of passionate veterinarians and hardworking staff members are determined to work together in achieving this mission.

social responsibility

PPBCC is motivated to protect the health and safety of people by putting a stop to the spread of rabies. When we selflessly care for cats and dogs, especially those that roam in underprivileged communities, we also contribute in creating a better environment for people in those communities who are most vulnerable. Our regular kapon (spay and neuter) projects and outreach programs strengthen our efforts toward reaching not only a healthier and safer society, but a just society.


We welcome everyone and make our services available to people from different walks of life. Likewise, we value the life of every animal that we come across; and this is why we strive to give all cats and dogs similar treatment and care regardless of their breed, shape, size, age, or disability.


We hope to effect positive change in our advocacy through consistent education on responsible animal companionship and the importance of kapon (spay and neuter). We do our utmost best to lead by example and encourage others to do the same.


We help people realize that in their own little ways, they could make a huge impact. The simple act of having a companion animal spayed and neutered could save hundreds more lives. We also give importance to sharing knowledge and skills to others who we believe can echo our advocacy – we conduct training and seminars to fellow veterinarians and veterinary students, so that they, in turn, can be motivated to become change makers as well.

goals and objectives

  • Provide low-cost to free spay and neuter services to local and indigent communities respectively.

  • Establish spay and neuter clinics in key areas of the Philippines.

  • Work with public and private sectors to conduct spay and neuter projects.

  • Conduct outreach missions in every province of the country.

  • Deliver strategic “Trap/Capture-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return/Release” programs.

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