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Animal heroes to the rescue

This is from Dr. Maricelle Licuanan-Resurreccion of the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) Foundation.:

“It’s been a week since that cataclysmic ashfall. The volcano has been placid since then, but lives have been altered. And the most hapless victims have been those without a voice, those whose mere skin was no match against the noxious ashfall, those who had the instinct to flee but could not do so because they have restrained by ropes, cages and gates.

‘‘This is where humanity came in. The outpouring of support made it possible for us to provide needed care and attention to these animals. Earlier we delivered more livestock medicine, dog/cat food, horse feed to the DA Emergency Response Center at Lipa. Doc Jommel Lansay of the City Vet Office of Lipa and members of the Philippine Equine practitioners ably responded to the medical needs of horses and domestic animals.

‘‘We then proceeded to Talisay, a virtual no man’s land. Several famished dogs, cats and others were given much-needed food. We will continue to do so in the coming days.

‘‘We have been caught in the grip of nature we can do little about. But in the things that we can do, we do our best.

‘‘Much thanks to everyone who has been with us, who sent in help and support, whose efforts made a difference in the lives of our domestic and companion animals.

‘‘Your concerted efforts of donating dog, catfood, horsefeed and even chicken feed have assuaged the hunger of the animals displaced by the catastrophic ashfall of Taal. We went there not just to feed, but to provide basic veterinary care to these animals.

‘‘The volcano is seemingly at rest, but danger is still imminent. We will always be on call and on hand to provide whatever assistance is needed, despite the possibility of imminent hazard.

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