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Joining International Spay and Neuter Campaign

Are you too afraid to spay and neuter your cats and dogs? Well, this blog article helps you to understand why veterinarians suggest that you should do so… Spaying and neutering your pets come with great benefits, here are some of the reasons why you are encouraged to do so:

  • First is that animals live longer when spayed and neutered. When you spay or neuter your pet, you’re not only providing them a happier, healthier life, but you’re also helping to reduce the country’s stray animal population.

  • Spaying and neutering also reduce the chances of risky diseases such as breast cancer, uterine infections, pyometra for females, and testicular cancer for males.

  • Another good thing is, there will be no more heat cycles or behavioral shifts, resulting in a happier and more balanced temperament.

  • There will be fewer desires to find a partner, which minimizes the likelihood of leaving the house and being exposed to danger.

  • Reduced amount of unwanted pets in your community, resulting in fewer homeless and malnourished animals, as well as fewer bite incidents and euthanasia.

Your pet will benefit physically and behaviorally from spaying or neutering. Spaying or neutering your female pet or neutering your male cat offers many benefits, whether you're doing it for the greater good or for the sake of your pet.

As a matter of fact, a study investigation has shown that spayed cats live 39 percent longer and spayed dogs live 23 percent longer than their unspayed counterparts, according to a study of 460,000 cats and 2.2 million dogs. Spayed dogs, like cats, have a lower risk of some illnesses and pyometra, a potentially fatal uterine infection.

Here in Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) Foundation, we have the most skilled and professional veterinary physicians that are well-trained and experienced when it comes to spaying and neutering. In fact, the head of this foundation Dr. Maricellle Licuanan-Resurreccion had been to Mexico twice for an invitation to join a mass spay and neuter campaign. These are her exact words:

"I'd already been to Mexico twice. It was the 16th of June 2018 when I was invited to participate and take part in a worldwide spay and neuter campaign organized by veterinarians. Dr. Jeffrey Young founded the nonprofit Planned Pethood Plus, which promotes spay and neuter events in various areas throughout the world."

Planned Pethood International has been fighting the dog and cat overpopulation in various areas in Mexico and has sterilized more than 25,500 animals according to a Yucatan magazine news article. Dr. Jeffrey Young, the founder of Planned Pethood Mexico, and AFAD, with the assistance of other governmental, private, educational institutions, social, animal protection groups, medical veterinarians, local, national, and international volunteers, as well as the foreign community that resides here, have taken the lead for the past few years in promoting and reducing the abuse of companion animals and abandoned dogs and cats in various municipalities.

This large-scale spay/neuter campaign in Mexico with Dr. Jeff Young being the one who took the initiative has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals who would otherwise have been born on the streets, producing a slew of environmental and public health issues.

In addition to the statement of Dr. Maricelle Licuanan-Resurreccion of Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) Foundation, she had also said that after the spay/neuter campaign that took place in Mexico, she was yet again personally invited by Dr. Jeffrey Young to join his team once again, that time in Japan.

Planned Pethood Foundation was then introduced for the first time in Japan, where they conducted training with Dr. Jeffrey Young with other volunteers and veterinarians from all over the world. They presented a series of lectures about the misconceptions, facts, and benefits of spaying and neutering at a local clinic. They scouted potential campaign locations and even conducted a few surgeries/procedures with flank spay techniques and methods.

Dr. Resurrection also added “Animal welfare is just as vital as human welfare. We may improve the health of dogs and cats and reduce their propensity to stray far from home in pursuit of a mate by spaying and neutering them and delivering basic immunizations at the same time, preventing the transfer of illness from animal to animal and, in turn, animal to human. And preventing further loss of companion animals. This control is an important part of the community's general health in the long run.”

So you see, spaying and neutering your pets will not harm them… as a matter of fact it will improve their quality of life, so there’s no need to be afraid. And we invite you to support this type of campaign to protect our companion animals, as well as prevent harmful animal diseases.

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